Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Story time!

The Amon Carter Museum here in FW has a wonderful FREE kids story and craft time every Wednesday morning and we LOVE it!  We had the pleasure of taking Aiden with us this week (not exactly what he was wanting to do today) and I’m pretty sure he enjoyed it too, well at least the craft part.  After we were all finished in the Museum we headed outside for a little running around time and I took just a few pictures ;)  Aiden wasn’t really fond of me taking pics, so I didn’t get too many of him, but the girls were pretty into it.  Unfortunately you won’t see Addison in any of the pictures, although I’m sure she was having way more fun with her Nini, we missed her tremendously!

We’re goin’ to the zoo!

We took Aiden to the wonderful FW Zoo yesterday and had a blast!  We didn’t get to nearly all the animals, so we’ll just have to schedule another visit with Aiden in the not to distant future.  But we sure did enjoy the animals we did see, especially the Reptiles…well at least Aiden did :) 

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cousin time!

Yesterday afternoon we were graced with the presence of our nephew, Aiden! Greg’s parents brought him over and they even stayed for dinner! It was wonderful to get to spend some time with them and the girls are absolutely eating up their time with Aiden. He gets to spend three nights with us! We had been planning on having him over for a few days this summer, and time was quickly escaping, but now with his mom in the hospital it forced me to get off my rear end and get the time scheduled. He is such a sweetheart! Having a boy in the house is a little different and a bit of an adjustment for all of us, but luckily he is a very calm boy so we’re not too overwhelmed :)

Last night we got out the kiddie pools and ate pizza while watching Star Wars, Episode 1. Luckily Aiden brought two light sabers with him, so the kids have been able to have duals!

I can’t wait for all the memories waiting to be made this week!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Prayer request:

My sister-in-law is due with her second baby on September 3rd and it’s a GIRL…my first niece!!!! They currently have a wonderful son who just turned 6. Anyway, a couple of months ago she was put on bed rest because of incredibly high blood pressure, then a couple of weeks ago she found out she has gestational diabetes, not a fun combination! She has now been hospitalized for the remainder of the pregnancy due to additional complications. Oh, she also has two tumors, the size of the baby (Ashlyn) sharing the uterus with Ashlyn. They have been lovingly been named “baby Tumey”. She had one of these tumors when she was pregnant with her son, so they weren’t totally surprised to discover it again this go around. We are praying Ashlyn is able to stay put as long as possible to finish cooking before the world is graced with her presence!

Celebrating Mimi’s birthday

Last night we went back to our old stomping grounds to celebrate Greg’s Mom’s birthday with her.  I think that drive gets longer every time, and it’s only an hour.  We got over there in time to enjoy snow cones from our favorite snow cone stand by our old house, then headed to the park we used to walk to from our old house, it was just like being back home!  We drove past our old house on the way to one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants for a yummy tex-mex dinner.  It was kinda strange to be back.  I had a lot of great memories there and I miss our friends, but I am more and more grateful every day for the move we made last summer!  The best part of last night was not only getting to spend it with Mimi and David, but also with two of our nephews, Clark and Oliver!  That was a surprise treat, apparently Mimi double-booked herself with grandkids :)  Thank goodness for Facebook so Greg’s sister knew we were with their mom and how to reach her!  Crazy!

So, you know me, I just took a few pictures for us to enjoy…hope you enjoy them too.

This is our precious nephew Clark:

Dallas with Mimi 015

And his adorable little brother, Oliver

(or as Addison says, “Ahver”):

Dallas with Mimi 044

Mimi and all her precious grandbabies that are stateside:

Trinity, Emory, Oliver, Addison, Clark

Dallas with Mimi 152 

It’s okay for you to go ahead and admit that I have the most adorable nephews on the planet! 

Also very exciting news on the nephew front, we are having the pleasure of another nephews company for three nights, starting tonight!  Be prepared for a number of posts in regards to Aiden’s visit with us!

I love our nephews!

Hope you had a great time celebrating your birthday, we had a great time with you!  We love you Mimi!!!!!

Log Cabin Village

This week the girls and I had the pleasure of visiting Log Cabin Village with my mom and had a blast!  We learned a lot about how people lived in the 1800’s and even got seeds to plant in the spring.

Friday, July 17, 2009

2 1/2, Seriously?

Addison's half birthday was yesterday! Wow, where has the past 2 1/2 years gone? Just like we do birthdays up big around our house, we like to celebrate the girls on their half birthdays as well. It's a long time between holidays and birthdays for a kid to go without having a special day! This year our celebrations were simply reminding them about it all day long, and by making a special desert for them and the rest of the family to enjoy. Recently Addison has become quite fond of Rice Krispies and Rice Krispie Treats, so I thought that would be something different for her to enjoy this time.

Wow! What a blessing she has been! One of my nicknames for our baby girl is "Ham Sandwich" because she is such a ham! The child has never met a stranger and keeps everyone around her laughing non-stop. We talk about how she is going to be the class clown when she gets older, and she already has the crazy hair to go along with it:) I just can't get enough of this precious girl!

She had a pretty good run

Trinity will be 7 in less than two months and she has NEVER been sick! Well, okay so she's had a few colds, a couple of stomach bugs, Roseola once and a week long fever/yuckies (not flu), but she's never ever had to be put on antibiotics! The only prescriptions she's ever had were for diaper rash! Well a couple of weeks ago she started this thing on her toe, her toe nail tore down deep, then it got infected was pretty disgusting!

So, I broke down and took her to the doctor. Well, technically it was a nurse practitioner (and trust me that difference is HUGE to a 6 year old who is TERRIFIED of needles!) and she had to prescribe her an antibiotic to get rid of the infection. *Sigh* The streak is over, hmph. Well, it was at least fun while it lasted!

And, along the same lines, Trinity actually had perfect attendance at school this year and last year she only missed one day! Wow!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We’re going on a train ride!

Here in the greatness of Funkytown there is a wonderful little train to ride through the parks along the Trinity River.  Mom treated us to a ride on this train today and we had a blast!  I guess, in all my years in FW I’ve never had the pleasure of riding on it…and man have I been missing out!  I had no idea there was so much park land in our wonderful city!  We will definitely be taking advantage of this beauty in the future!  I took just a few pictures :)

Thank you Mom/Gaga/Gommy/Gogy!  What wonderful memories we are making this summer!

Is it just me?

Okay Moms…please tell me it’s not just me!  I have a constant struggle with my girls during quiet time and it’s about to drive me nuts!  First, let me lay out the scenario:  Addison lays down to sleep in her room, she’s exhausted and ready for a nap, so it’s not usually too much of a struggle; the two big girls are given the privilege of spending their quiet time in my room watching their shown on TV.  I HAVE to have that downtime, especially during the summer when we’re all pooped from the heat and they’re all three home with me.  They totally get that it’s a privilege and they respect that, but they don’t act like they do…and it’s maddening!  Every day they get up just to ask if quiet time is over, if they can get up, if time is up yet…UGH!!!!  They know full-well it’s not up because what we agreed upon as the signal for the end of quiet time (whether it’s the time on the clock, timer on the oven, the end of a show, etc).  EVERY time they get up I get extremely frustrated and it’s like the calmness of quiet time is gone, then I have to start my decompression all over again!  Seriously…why do I get so frustrated, why do the girls not obey, why do I so desperately need this quiet time, and why, oh why do I feel the need to hit the pantry every single time they disrupt my quiet time?!?!  Total frustration!!!!!